Welcome to Neilly Labradoodles. We are a multigenerational Australian Labradoodle breeder from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, raising adorable puppies in our home!

With minimal shedding, soft wavy coats, and hearts of gold, these little fur babies are our passion! Our goal is to raise 3-5 litters per year, allowing us to devote more time and attention to each precious pup!




As a member breeder of WALA, the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association, all our breeding stock are thoroughly health tested to ensure our puppies have every chance at long, healthy, happy lives! They are also home raised with all dogs enjoying life in our home, or with their loving guardian families! Pups are whelped in our bedroom and transition to our living area at 3 weeks - there are no kennels here! As a certified Avidog Associate Breeder, we raise our puppies following the Avidog program to optimize their physical, mental, and emotional development! Not from our area... no problem. We can arrange delivery of puppies to Southern BC and Lower Mainland, where some of our furbabies already reside!

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neilly labradoodles

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